We don’t deny that promotions and bonuses are one of the main attractions of Poker sites. This is why FTR poker is one of the best as it has some of the most rewarding promo codes that you can use to win a massive amount in your poker fund.

However, you must understand that the funds that you are getting in your poker wallet are not withdrawable. You will have to play poker and win the amount to withdraw it. This means, if you get a bonus of rupees 2500 by using the FTR poker promo code, you shall not be able to transfer it into your bank. Instead, you will have to play poker with the 2500 amount, and you can win the prize money if you are lucky, and play well.

Welcome Bonus Promo Codes

FTR promo codes

Part of the reason why FTR poker is so impressive is that it offers incredible welcome bonuses. You can 100% bonus depending on the amount and the promo code you use. 

  1. WC250: If you use the code WC250, you will win up to 200 bonus points. 50% of it will go to your game bonus, and another 50% will be your power bonus. To make this happen, the minimum deposit to FTR poker should be rupees 50.
  2. WC2500: If you want to win more, then you will have to deposit more. This is a standard rule that works everywhere. Use the FTR poker promo code WC2500 to earn a bonus of up to 2500. 40% of the amount will be your game bonus, and 60% will be dedicated to your power bonus. The minimum deposit to win a maximum bonus of 2500 should be rupees 250.
  3. WC25000: If you want to win a 25000 bonus point, you will have to deposit a minimum of rupees 2500 and use the FTR poker promo code WC 25000. Of the total bonus points, 20% will go towards the game bonus, which is a maximum bonus point of 5000 and the rest 80%, which is a bonus point up to 20000 will be your power bonus.

Note: Remember, these promo codes are valid only on your first transaction. If you apply them on your second, third, or fourth transaction, then it will not be valid. Even if you have not entered any promo code for your first transaction, FTR poker will not allow you to apply a promo code on a recurring transaction. So, while making your first deposit, you should be very careful. Verify the amount that you are about to deposit, and the best FTR promo code that suits you.

Few Rules Concerning FTR Poker Promo Codes

FTR promotions
  • The bonus that you will receive is valid only for 60 days. After that, it will be automatically omitted from your account. 
  • You will have to do a real money transaction to be eligible to enter any of the promo codes. 
  • The welcome deposit bonus code is valid only for once per user. 
  • FTR poker can change the rules concerning bonuses anytime they like. 
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