For a gambler, the main focus is to earn maximum money by playing. But who are professionals, are using their brains to win more money by investing lower money. The casino owners now know this and this is why they have started to include exciting bonuses and offers in their casino to attract more people. Pokermasti, a well known Indian online casino is also offering you amazing promotions with promo codes. This step certainly increases the affection of poker among the gamblers in India. This gaming community has brought the level of the game to extreme success. Omaha, Omaha hi-lo and Texas Hold’em are the main games offered by them. 

Pokermasti is offering outstanding and beneficial bonuses with the exchange of simple terms and conditions. The most popular three promotions that are going on this site are the first deposit bonus, reload bonus, and VIP rewards. 

First Deposit Promotion and Promo Code

Pokermasti deposit bonus

This facility is not unique to this app. The whole online casino industry offers a special bonus on first depositing. Yes, the amount is different and unique. This facility attracts newcomers mostly. Pokermasti is allowing you to earn 100% on the first deposit. You will be surprised to know that the amount of money that is offered by them is almost 25000 rupees for the first login.

To make this offer activate you need to use the promo code ‘PM100’. The money will be added to your account while you start playing through this application.

VIP Promotion

VIP Promotion is the only offer that will blow your mind. This membership is given to the loyalty of a person. For how many times you are being a part of this particular community. You can say this offer is only for veterans. If this is your first time joining then play and spend a huge time on this application. They will accept you as a loyal friend of theirs. You can have the option to access VIP rewards then. 

According to your level, they will give tags like silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and elite. You have collected the reward points and VIP points. Then you can turn it into credit points which will help you to get more money and open up the opportunities to play for free. 

Reload Bonus

Pokermasti promo code

Every time you recharge your account with a new balance, you’ll be awarded a reload bonus. You can earn an additional 25% of the deposit cash through this offer. For this step, there is no need to use any special promo code. 

Other than the promotion and promo codes, this site has lots of features to give you. The game sounds, graphics are awesome that you may get confused between offline and online mode. The deposit and withdrawal methods are very easy for this application. As you can see, at every crucial step they are offering huge money. So it will never disappoint you. Pokermasti has designed the games for global players also. You can learn new skills by playing with several players across the world. 

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